Saturday, March 26, 2011

Missions 1 & 2 Commence

Back in September, on my main blog, I posted “More Burger for Your Buck,” a brief commentary on the moral and economic success of the Christian-owned In-N-Out Burger chain restaurants. Although I am aware that there are die-hard Chick-Fil-A fans in the Christian community, I’ll continue to argue that doing good for one’s customers and workers is far more important than observing the Sabbath.

Okay, now my point. Two weeks ago, I decided on what three travel/tour missions I’d tackle first. Number one is dragging along my brother to eat at every In-N-Out Burger joint in existence, which shouldn’t be too, too difficult since 78% of the locations are in my home state. But I’m not setting deadline anyway. Who knows how many new stores will pop up during the course of my mission. Last stop, if they let us, will be the Irvine headquarters, which by the way is near the UCI location, the one with probably the best In-N-Out service I’ve ever experienced. And that’s saying a lot. What to do about restricted sites? I don't know.

Number two is visiting all of the Orange County sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places. I’ll probably expand to all of California later, but this will work for now. Hopefully, the National Park Service won’t add new ones faster than I can complete them.

What’s number three? One that I’ll need to work out more before it’s revealed. Stay tuned!


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