Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bringing the Faraway Home - Part 1

What I love more than Landchamp’s new Faraway Collection is the fact that Kate Moss was inspired by her travels. There’s something about leaving home that just brings out new ideas. It’s as if we need some force to throw our ho-hum lives out of balance, immersing us into an unfamiliar culture that shocks us, encourages us, and challenges us to meet the future head on. Stay at home, and we might very well stay at rest forever.

I’m no artist – let alone a fashion designer – but as a musician, writer, and all-around “idea person,” I have experienced the creative burst of energy born out of an unusual event. That includes travel. I love that the relaxed, stress-free atmosphere gets the body regenerated and the brainwaves moving. Let’s just hope it lasts the flight home.

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